Anka Koziel is a voice teacher with over 18 years of experience, specialised in many styles of vocal music including extensive techniques and effects. In her offer she has variety of options for singers, non-singers, horn players and anyone who uses voice for their profession:

  • Koziel is an autorised teacher of Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) that revolutionised singing technique and is being used worldwide by professional singers within all styles of music. CVT gives singers an opportunity to design their sound according to their own artistic choice and taste. It proves that singing is not difficult and anybody can learn it. CVT is the only technique that explains the anatomy of the sound effects (distortion, grunt, growl, etc) and teaches to use them in a healthy way. CVT teachers are authorised in Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen after 3-year course, have thorough knowledge about CVT, and are equipped with tools to help singers in developing their voices and solving vocal problems. They leave the artistic choice to the singer.
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  • Anka offers a wide variety of workshops and masterclasses for different groups of singers, from beginners to professionals. For a few years she has been organising in her house series of day workshops titled "At Home With CVT" (more info below), microphone workshops for professional vocalists, jazz workshops (with special focus on sound, phrasing, rhythm, timing and improvisation) and many more.
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  • Anka has been a jazz voice teacher in the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague since her graduation in 2005. She is a jazz choir director and leads 3rd year combo class. Anka is active participant of Erasmus Staff Exchange Programme giving various vocal workshops in music academies, conservatoires and universities around Europe. If your school is a member of Erasmus programme, you can invite her to give workshop in your school.
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  • Anka is an official vocal coach at the biggest to date Dutch musical "Soldaat van Oranje". She also prepares actors/singers for auditions. More about SvO here