We were thrown together in 2003 for the performance at the Dutch Jazz Competition semi-finals. Having three different musicians from various European countries with different temperaments added a lot of vitality and spice to the music, and the concept worked. The quartet continued to perform together for some years during their conservatoire studies. The recording of the debut album 'Tales of the Forest' in 2007 reunited the band members: Michal Vanoucek (Slovakia) piano, bassist Brice Soniano (France) and drummer Oriol Roca (Spain). Current lineup: Rembrandt Frerichs (NL) p, Vasilis Stefanopoulos (GR) b, Pepe Garcia (MX) perc.


It's a project initiated in 2009 by Brice Soniano (b), he also found the name "Ethospheric" (earthy). The orchestra consists of professional jazz musicians slightly gone astray. We play music from all around the world, our own compositions, free jazz, and music


Since 2004 I've been performing alone with my harmonizer and looper, recently also adding piano, percussion and anything that makes sound. I enjoy the most producing all the sounds and sound effects with my voice though. I sing my own compositions, folk songs, vocalises and close harmony. Gear: TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer and Boss RC-20. Not much, but it works.

"Requiem para el mundo" with NUEVA MANTECA

Requiem for The Earth - 'Requiem Para el Mundo' calls for peace and is both a warning and consolation. Beautiful music written by Jan Hartong. The piece consists of ten parts, which include a number of medieval Gregorian chants arranged to jazz, salsa, rhumba, mambo, performed by Nueva Manteca and four vocalists: Alberto Caicedo, Kristina Fuchs, Caspar de Jonge and me.